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Salmon salar, know generally as salmon, hatch in fresh water and migrate to the ocean. Adults return to spawn in native freshwaters streams.

Each autumn salmon try to clear the rapid of Kuldiga by jumping over it. Repeatedly they jump but only a few succeed and those after breeding die allowing the young to repeat the process of reproduction again.

Before the capitalist economic system was officially named, Jakob Duke of Courland (1610-1682) invented a way to catch 'flying fishes' with baskets, made of willow, that were positioned in tight succession along the waterfall. This plundering of the natural resource was the beginning of the capitalist framework and was banned in the early 20th during the period of a turbulent time in Latvias complex political history.

During this period the Latvian Communist Party (LKP) were formed to fight the rules of the few which were based on exploitation and profit. There innate desire to succeed for the good of the 'many' despite the oppressive regime is reflected in the salmons determined fight for life.

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All archive images courtesy of Museum of Kuldīga Archive.