Martina Zaninelli



My grandfather kept only a few photographs and medals from his time in the war, his stories were usually fragmentary.


When my grandfather was still alive, I tried to ask questions but tread lightly so as not to impose where I could feel it was difficult for him to bring these memories back. With time, I was convinced that I would eventually find out more. In hindsight, I regret not having tried harder to get him to reveal more of his stories. And so, these stories will remain hidden, as he won the struggle between his silence and my curiosity.

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Altought they remained convinced of their ideals,

the understood remaining silent

was the only way to live a peaceful life.

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Sound of Silence does not follow a purely historical and documentary course, it's aim is rather to portray emotions.

By making use of sombre atmospheric imagery, real pictures from the family archives, polaroids and as well as portraits I try to narrate an incomplete history. The archives pictures are almost anonymous so that the project wins an universality: taboos and silence are nearly present in every family.

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dienacht Special Issue / the exhibition's catalogue of "don't forget me not"


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Sound of Silence è stato realizzato con il sostegno della Provincia autonoma di Bolzano/Alto Adige - Ripartizione Cultura italiana.

Sound of Silence wurde von der Autonomen Provinz Bozen/Südtirol - Abteilung Italienische Kultur gefördert.